How to Cook Delicious BBQ豬仔骨 (BBQ Baby Pork Ribs)

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Judul : How to Cook Delicious BBQ豬仔骨 (BBQ Baby Pork Ribs)
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How to Cook Delicious BBQ豬仔骨 (BBQ Baby Pork Ribs)

BBQ豬仔骨 (BBQ Baby Pork Ribs). BBQ豬仔骨 (BBQ Baby Pork Ribs) must be incredibly moist, filled with incredible barbecue flavours and must burn in your mouth - prepare to attain excellence with this particular simple recipe. Cook In Bag Pork Loin Backribs, Rubbed With Hickory Smoked BBQ Seasonings. Tender backribs cook in one hour!

BBQ豬仔骨 (BBQ Baby Pork Ribs) Then BBQ sauced them up and stuck them in the fish grill attached to my stove. BPA FREE COOK BAGIN TM Much greater value relative to regular fresh backribs. 比一般豬仔骨更加美味 Much lower cost than precooked alternatives or restaurant-prepared ribs. I added the little oyster mushroom for more variety. You can have BBQ豬仔骨 (BBQ Baby Pork Ribs) using 9 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of BBQ豬仔骨 (BBQ Baby Pork Ribs)

  1. Prepare of Some Baby Pork Ribs.
  2. It's of Dried Seasonings.
  3. Prepare of Some Brown Sugar.
  4. You need of Some Salt.
  5. It's of Some Mexican Seasonings OR Below Mixture.
  6. It's of Mixture: Cumin, Garlic & Onion Powder, Paprika, Black Pepper.
  7. You need of Sauce.
  8. It's of Some BBQ Sauce (Enough for 2 Layers on Top&Bottom of Ribs).
  9. It's of Some Rosemary.

The tender, juicy and delicious rib must be the superstar in the party.

BBQ豬仔骨 (BBQ Baby Pork Ribs) instructions

  1. Dry the Ribs then season it with Dried Seasonings for 30mins. Tips: season the ribs for top and bottom sides - ensure every bit of piece is covered with the Dried Seasonings, then rub the seasonings evenly to get the ribs fully coated with seasonings..
  2. After the Ribs is marinated for 30 mins: Completely wrap the Ribs with Aluminum Foil tightly covered to avoid steam coming out (This prevents the meat from burning during long cook period).
  3. Oven the ribs for 45mins at 180 degrees Celsius (All Rounded Setting). Can turn ribs every 20 mins to cook it evenly..
  4. Once the ribs is fully cooked (the meat can be separated from the bone), pour all the juice away and let it rest for a minute..
  5. Spray some Rosemary onto the ribs, then put a layer of BBQ Sauce on top of one side of the rib. Leave the aluminum foil open and allow the ribs to be ovened for about 6 mins, with heat comes from one side from the top. (Temperature Set at 230 degrees Celsius).
  6. Add 2nd layer of BBQ Sauce after the first 6 mins.
  7. Turn the Ribs to another side (upside down) and repeat step 5 & 6. Then Done!.

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