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Recipe: Yummy Chocolate Banana Mini Crepes (Japanese Crepes)

Chocolate Banana Mini Crepes (Japanese Crepes). A compilation of creamy crepes made in Japan.strawberry,banana,chocolate crepes, Crepes is another great street food in Japan.made with a lot of different. This chocolate banana crepes recipe is your new excuse to enjoy chocolate for breakfast - they are absolutely delicious, and come from Weight Watchers! Or would you believe me if I said they are utterly, completely, irresistibly delicious???

Chocolate Banana Mini Crepes (Japanese Crepes) These are delicious dessert or breakfast crepes with banana flavor within the crepe itself. I like to use a paper towel with a little butter on it to swipe the pan before adding the batter. This recipe works best with a non-stick pan or a crepe maker. You can have Chocolate Banana Mini Crepes (Japanese Crepes) using 21 ingredients and 18 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Chocolate Banana Mini Crepes (Japanese Crepes)

  1. You need of For Crepe Batter.
  2. It's 30 g of (1 oz, 3.5 Tbsp) bread flour.
  3. It's 30 g of (1 oz, 3.5 Tbsp) cake flour.
  4. You need 25 g of (0.9 oz, 2 Tbsp) granulated sugar.
  5. You need 1 pinch of salt.
  6. You need 185 g of (6.5 oz, 4/5 us cup) milk.
  7. It's 1 of egg (50-60g, L-LL size).
  8. It's 25 g of (0.9 oz, 2 Tbsp) unsalted butter.
  9. It's 4-5 drops of vanilla oil (optional).
  10. Prepare of (I used diameter 26cm / 10'' frying pan.).
  11. You need of For Fillings and Toppings.
  12. You need 200 g of (7 oz, 9/10 us cup) heavy cream.
  13. Prepare 40 g of (1.4 oz, 2 Tbsp) sweetened condensed milk.
  14. It's 4-5 drops of vanilla essence.
  15. It's 1-2 of bananas.
  16. You need of chocolate sauce.
  17. You need of almonds.
  18. You need of ※ The whipped cream may remain. I recommended freezing the remaining whipped cream. You should eat it like ice cream.
  19. Prepare of For wrapping the crepe.
  20. It's 5-6 sheets of square parchment paper (13.5 cm, 5.3'').
  21. Prepare 5-6 sheets of square your favorite paper (18 cm, 7'').

Chocolate Banana Mini Crepes (Japanese Crepes). banana•chocolate pasta/condensed chocolate milk or nutella•bread crumbs/paneer•spring rolls sheets/dumpling sheets•egg•egg (white part)•Vegetable oil. Add about one-quarter to one-third cup batter and swirl the batter to completely cover bottom of skillet. Japanese crepes are basically rolled-up French crepes with a good amount of various fillings. Although it has become popular throughout Japan, the dessert is still closely associated with Harajuku where you find the highest concentration of Japanese crepe vendors.

Chocolate Banana Mini Crepes (Japanese Crepes) step by step

  1. ★Recipe video★ (my You Tube channel)→youtu.be/2pF6_lpDNus.
  2. 【Let's make the crepe batter!】Put bread flour, cake flour, and granulated sugar in a bowl. Mix well to crush lumps. Add 1/3 milk, and mix well until smooth..
  3. Add an egg, and mix well until smooth. Microwave unsalted butter at 600W for 30 sec to melt. Add the melted butter to the mixture, and mix well until smooth and a little glossy..
  4. Add the remaining milk in 2 parts and mix well until combined. Add vanilla oil, and mix well. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap. Refrigerate for an hour. (It's OK even overnight.).
  5. 【Let's cook crepes in a frying pan!】Take the batter out from the fridge. Mix it roughly and strain. Prepare a wet cloth..
  6. Heat a frypan on medium heat and add oil. Heat the oil, and remove extra oil with a paper towel while spreading it. Put the heated frypan on the wet cloth for about 20-30 sec to make the bottom temperature uniform..
  7. Turn down the heat a little. Pour the batter (3.5 Tbsp or 1/5 -1/4 us cup) into the frypan and immediately swirl to spread evenly..
  8. Cook over medium-low heat until the edge started to dry and the underside is golden brown in places. (about 1-2 mins) Lift the edge of the crepe and flip it..
  9. Cook the other side for 10 sec and remove it from heat. Repeat the process until all batter is gone. You may make 5-6 crepes. Let cool to room temperature..
  10. 【Let's prepare fillings and toppings!】 Cut almonds into small pieces. Slice 1-2 bananas into 5mm (0.2'') thick..
  11. Whip heavy cream while cooling with ice water until it gets thickened lightly. Add sweetened condensed milk, and whip it until heavy..
  12. Add vanilla essence and whip it until soft peaks form..
  13. 【Let's assemble!】Lay a crepe with the brown-side down on the work surface. Pipe the whipped cream along the edge (1/3) of the crepe. And then pipe a "V" shape like this (3rd picture). Please don't go past the center-point..
  14. Place 3-4 sliced bananas on the ''V''. Add a little whipped cream, and drizzle with chocolate sauce..
  15. Fold the crepe in half, and fold each of the sides toward the middle, making a cone..
  16. Wrap it with parchment paper. Fold the tip of the paper tightly..
  17. And then wrap it with your favorite paper. Fold the tip of the paper tightly too..
  18. Pipe the whipped cream on the top. Top with sliced bananas, chocolate sauce, and almonds. Done!.

See more ideas about crepes, japanese crepes, food truck. Sweet Amaretto crepes filled with bananas in a brown-butter-cinnamon-rum sauce. All topped with a drizzle of caramel and some homemade whipped cream. Bananas, chocolate chips, and cream cheese fill these sweet crepes for a dessert that's quick to make, and oh-so-decadent. Chocolate Crepes with Banana. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines.

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